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The Humans by Stephen Karam

I directed The Humans around Thanksgiving 2022, in an intimate space with no room for the two story set. This did not hinder the final product of the show in the slightest, and I couldn't be prouder of the production. Casting age appropriate actors who had the depth and understanding of their characters really brought the show to life. My concept for a dual quality light plot with a staircase that entered and exited through the middle panel of the space made for a story that read effortlessly and left many audience members deeply moved. 


Rehearsal shot of Zoe Nemetz (Left) and Margaret Rogers (Right) as Brigid and Aimee Blake. 

Rehearsal shot of Mike Speller (Left) and Margaret Rogers (Right) as Erik and Aimee Blake. 


My senior thesis directing project was Hookman by Lauren Yee at the Boston Conservatory. This stylized piece was a dream to direct ever since I did a scene as Lexi in my acting class Junior year. Technical complexity, as well as rooting truth in a heightened realism piece was a challenge that left me feeling very rewarded. As a director, I am drawn to pieces with intense and striking character development. In Hookman, Lexi is not really a "good person" in a lot of ways, but also is going through intense grief. I loved working with my team to examine the idea of the relative morality, especially when your grief is following you around like a serial killer. 

"Maddi made my first production at BoCo an incredible experience. She cultivated a safe and comfortable rehearsal environment, and encouraged risk taking. Maddi balanced fun and professionalism in such an effective way. She slays the day away!" -Sophie Lindwall, Jess

"Working with Maddi was one of the biggest highlights of my year! She conducted rehearsals with professionalism while simultaneously creating a space for us to have fun and explore ourselves as performers." -Claire May, Yoonji

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