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Current Project;
The Humans by Stephen Karam

Currently directing The Humans at Vero Voce in St. Charles, IL. It runs Nov 10-19th. Grab your tickets quick, with this gifted cast including  Margaret Rogers (Aimee), Matthew Hellyer(Richard), Zoe Nemetz (Brigid), Marge Ularik-Boller (Deirdre), Mike Speller (Erik) and Janette Jacobs (Momo). 

"Maddi made my first production at BoCo an incredible experience. She cultivated a safe and comfortable rehearsal environment, and encouraged risk taking. Maddi balanced fun and professionalism in such an effective way. She slays the day away!" -Sophie Lindwall, Jess

"Working with Maddi was one of the biggest highlights of my year! She conducted rehearsals with professionalism while simultaneously creating a space for us to have fun and explore ourselves as performers." -Claire May, Yoonji


My most recent directing project was Hookman by Lauren Yee at the Boston Conservatory. This stylized piece was a dream to direct ever since I did a scene as Lexi in my acting class Junior year. Technical complexity, as well as rooting truth in a heightened realism piece was a challenge that left me feeling very rewarded. As a director, I am drawn to pieces with intense and striking character development. In Hookman, Lexi is not really a "good person" in a lot of ways, but also is going through intense grief. I loved working with my team to examine the idea of the relative morality, especially when your grief is following you around like a serial killer. 

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