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A little about me...

Hi! I'm Maddi, a creative artist passionate about all realms of the art form. My 4 years at the Boston Conservatory have really allowed me to expand my knowledge, but ever since I can remember I have been described as a team player. Any role, on or offstage, I give my whole heart to because I believe in stories and uplifting people.

As a performer, I am drawn to all kinds of work, but at the heart of it I crave humanity. Whether it's farcical or the drama to end all drama, to me, theater is all about sharing snapshots of humanity. When we share human stories, we bring people with us and allow them to escape AND be faced with an element of life either by relating or opening their eyes to something new. I am especially drawn to performing in  LGBTQ+ stories and productions that uplift body diversity. 

I have also recently discovered my passion for dismantling power dynamics. I noticed this especially when directing and stage managing post-quarantine, as well as the Zoom theater within it. Theater is, and always has been a space of collaboration. The director is not the end all be all. I often say to my actors, that my job is to look at the whole forest while you study your tree. The more we trust and communicate with each other, the more we serve the story. Working with me in any capacity, means working with someone who values people, communication, and myself as an artist. I strive to liberate people and cultivate spaces to be brave. The work we do needs to be brave, or why are we doing it?

Thanks for popping by my website! I hope to make your acquaintance soon! 

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